Interoperability on fast track in EMEA

The interfaces of the interoperable products will support smart metering and smart grid applications across the EMEA market. To support the development of interoperable products, the parties agreed to define a set of interface specifications – IDIS – based on open standards.  The parties have already completed a testing phase which proves that each manufacturer's smart meters are fully interoperable with those of the other two manufacturers. This is achieved by incorporating interfaces into IDIS that are based on existing open international standards as defined and maintained by the DLMS-UA. IDIS is forward-looking and open to any other supplier that wants to incorporate identical interface specifications.

The interoperable interfaces of the three companies' smart meters will allow customers to mix and match products from different suppliers. This will accelerate the development of smart grid applications and reduce the cost of end-to-end Smart systems. The scope of the interoperability work being undertaken covers a full end-to-end solution, from the Home Area Network to the Wide Area Network and the interface to utilities existing IT infrastructure. Details of the specifications are expected to be ready in the first quarter of 2010. The IDIS documentation will be made available to parties willing to provide open products that comply with the respective international standards.

To accelerate the objective, the companies each have plans to start prototyping their own application interface development in compliance with the proposed companion specifications before the end of this year. They will also establish a test environment for true interoperability testing.

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