Users benefit from Landis+Gyr’s versatile vending system

Over the past decade, Landis+Gyr has maintained its ability to achieve this. Mark de Kock, Landis+Gyr’s product manager (systems), says, “Landis+Gyr customers with a Cashpower Suprima e-Vend server in their back office greatly benefit from the introduction of new products such as Powervend IIG, which uses GPRS technology to vend electricity credit. Furthermore, our company’s objective worldwide is to assist our customers to manage their energy better through the use of our products and services. This, we believe, is the basis for our customers to grow their businesses, increase operational efficiencies and minimise energy losses, with the consequential financial benefits, in an increasingly competitive and supply-constrained market.”

Introducing cellular technology enables utilities to broaden their vending services inexpensively but also offers utilities a non-fixed emergency vending point, enabling them to continue to vend electricity should their network go down.

Powervend IIG is a mobile, GPRS wireless point-of-sale (POS) device which utilises the e-Vend protocol to provide online vending via a utility’s Cashpower Suprima e-Vend Server middleware.

“One of the benefits of e-Vend technology is that there is no need for the Powervend IIG vending terminal to have its own encryption security module or database, which has obvious security and maintenance benefits.

“Powervend IIG can be configured to connect to the centralised e-Vend Server via either the public Internet APN or a private APN. The unit has its own internal printer and operates by logging in with a user name, entering the meter number and the amount of electricity purchased. A full prepayment voucher is generated reflecting the unique 20-digit number that the user then enters into the keypad of his prepayment meter to obtain electricity credit.”

Mark de Kock explains that the operational costs of the Powervend IIG are very attractive, as the e-Vend protocol is the most data-efficient XML vending protocol available on the market. Of further benefit, is that very little training is required to operate the unit. The Powervend IIG enables utilities to set up flexible standard or emergency vending points that are fully mobile, informal, cost-effective and consumer-friendly.

In addition, Powervend IIG opens up new opportunities for authorised third-party vendors who do not have an existing POS terminal base, to vend electricity more conveniently and 24 hours a day. Mobile vending capabilities bring the vending point closer to the consumer, thereby saving the consumer time and travel costs. In addition, bulk metered sites such as townhouse complexes can now more easily vend electricity to residents on site.

The Powervend POS device also promotes empowerment enabling disadvantaged people to earn a living as a third party electricity vendor. Vendors would typically enter into an agreement with the utility company whereby they would purchase or lease the Powervend IIG unit and then pay an affordable sum of money in order to secure a block of credit on the utility’s server. The vendor would earn a profit per transaction which would be negotiated with the utility. The 3rd party vendor model encourages job creation, reduces queues at utilities’ offices, moderates operational costs and provides consumers with another flexible and efficient means to purchasing electricity from a Cashpower Suprima energy management system.

“Landis+Gyr’s introduction of Powervend IIG is yet another value-added product that can enhance all existing Suprima electricity management systems where e-Vend Servers are already installed. In addition, Powervend IIG mobile vending terminals, together with a Landis+Gyr hosted Suprima e-Vend service, also provide a valuable and capital-friendly tool to assist body corporates and property management agencies in the management of electricity and levy payment collections using prepayment electricity technology,” concludes Mark de Kock.

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