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Revolutionary metering management in Romania

Revolutionary metering management in RomaniaIn 2002 Landis+Gyr was awarded a contract by the European Bank of Reconstruction and Development (EBRD). The EBRD was financing a metering system for the wholesale electricity market in Romania.

The project aim was to modernize all metering facilities of the transmission network in Romania. The meter management system was delivered and installed by Landis+Gyr at Transelectrica’s headquarters in Bucharest. It has been in operation since the end of 2005. It has been operated in full extent till now. The project has been and continues to be a success since implementation was completed. Due to rapid changes brought about by the liberalization of the electricity market in Romania, an extensive system upgrade was made in the first half of 2006. All the systems work exactly as the customer wanted them to, delivering what they required.

Benefits and functionality of the metering system

One of the most important components of a liberalized electricity market is an extensive commercial metering system. The system provides metering data to determine energy/power flows including power losses created by contracts between different market participants. It also simulates input from these contracts regarding processing of metering data, which is input information for settlement of contracts between market participants.

Energy transfers result from commercial contracts between market participants; although these flows are not necessarily congruent with physical energy flows in the electrical network system.

The system covers the following main tasks:

  • Measurement of active and reactive energy, at the border of the transmission network
  • Measurement and evaluation of exchanges on the interconnection links with neighbor-systems
  • Evaluation of exchanges between market participants
  • Evaluation of losses in the transmission network including calculation of losses of each market participant
  • Evaluation of consumption of the auxiliary services within transmission substations and per participant
  • Evaluation of exchanges between transmission subsidiaries
  • Processing of advanced data aggregation taking into account network parameters
  • Data handling for estimation of future power consumption

Converge System from Landis+Gyr

Transelectrica chose the Converge and www100 System from Landis+Gyr for the new metering management system. Converge software was designed for data acquisition as well as data processing of electricity meter data that can be either billing values, load profiles or spontaneous events.

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