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Landis+Gyr EM200Gi GSM Modem

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Communication unit for Enermet E600/700

Landis+Gyr’s EM200Gi Modem is an ideal solution for wireless communications in remote reading and control of industrial electricity meters. Since the EM200Gi Modem utilizes the existing GSM and GPRS communications infrastructure, no extra wiring is needed for communications.

EM200Gi in a Metering System
Thanks to the standard casing, the EM200Gi Modem can be mounted to new or already installed metering devices. The EM200Gi Modem functions as a link between the metering device and system. The information can be read from the metering device using appropriate reading software. The EM200Gi Modem can also be used with metering devices that have originally been planned for local serial communications only. This is possible, as the EM200Gi does not require extra handshaking signals or commands from the metering device.

Modem Communications
The EM200Gi Modem supports GPRS and GSM communication in the regular GSM network. The EM200Gi Modem has a standard RS-232 interface, and also two-wire current loop signalling for up to three (CSinterface), extending the communication range also to CS meters. The communication interface type with the metering device can be changed on the field simply using a switch.

Standardized Solution
The EM200Gi Modem is fully type approved against GSM Phase 2 Specifications and naturally it fulfils the standard European requirements regarding electrical safety and electromagnetic interference. metering devices (CSinterface), extending the communication range also to CSmeters. The communication interface type with the metering device can be changed on the field simply using a switch.

Secure Information
The SIM card is located in a slot behind the sealable cover. Thanks to this, the maintenance personnel who have the authorisation to break the seals can still easily change the SIM card. The easily accessible but sealed SIM card provides a utility both security in tamper-protection and the freedom to choose or even change the GSM operator.

With the EM200Gi Modem Landis+Gyr offers a comprehensive communications solution for the overall metering system. The EM200Gi Modem is directly compatible with the following items of the Landis+Gyr  product range: E600 and E700 industrial meters. Regarding compatibility with other metering devices, please contact Enermet.

Easy Installation
The EM200Gi Modem is easy to install to the terminal block of electronic DIN or ERMI meters, or directly to the wall. The EM200Gi Modem does not need extra wiring for power since it can use directly the normal mains voltage. The EM200Gi can even be used to feed the mains voltage to the meter. Different supply voltage options allow the use of EM200Gi Modem also at electricity substations, without a separate power supply. The delivery package includes the modem, a SIM card and a suitable antenna that is needed for the installation. Wiring can be carried out using slot-headed screws without any special tools.

  • Fully open to different AMR systems
  • Widely used TCP/IP standard
  • Connect to RS232 serial interface easily
  • Operation modes for different operator environments
  • Update communication method and software remotely
  • GPRS or GSM
  • Europe, the Middle East and Africa